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RVB Associates team members are experts in culture shaping initiatives. We help organizations eliminate high risk Cultures of Silence by shaping and sustaining Cultures of Voice. Our Culture of Voice workshops help leaders identify signs of silence and strengthen competencies that shape Cultures of Voice. Our work has helped the most influential and successful companies, large and small, around the globe. Our research, measurement and development of Culture of Voice are groundbreaking and second to none.

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When it comes to corporate problem solving, there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution:

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Breaking Corporate Silence:

How High-Influence Leaders Create Cultures of Voice

by Dr. Rob Bogosian & Christine Mockler Casper

Why did General Motors management avow they did not know about the multi-year festering ignition problem? Why did V.A. employees in internal documents “portray a culture of silence” based upon fear of retaliation? These “Cultures of Silence” resulted in substantial loss of productivity, revenue, trust and even loss of life.

 Breaking Corporate Silence | Dr.Rob Bogosian

How It Works

Our Development Process

Identify the challenge & success criteria

Design & implement action plan

Measure impact & verify productivity increase

Establish method to sustain results

Cultures of Voice

Using the Silence Voice Index (SVI), a proprietary diagnostic, RVB Associates can measure cultures of voice and silence. Our Culture of Voice workshops minimize or eliminate the risk associated with cultures of silence.

Cultures of silence exist when employees willfully withhold important work related information that could pose a risk to organizations. A culture of silence can cost organizations millions of dollars/Euros in penalties, lost revenue, brand erosion when discovered after the fact, when it is too late.

"Introspection and self-discovery stick out in my mind from this class. I benefited from having the ability to see if the way others perceive me is the way I perceive myself."

Senior Vice President

Marketing and Sales, Investment Company

"I became very aware of how I listen when others talk to me, clinic aware of how I respond (or not), view and aware that as a leader, check my words and actions influence my team. I loved it."

Senior Vice President

Marketing and Sales, Investment Company

"RVB Associates helped us achieve in one day what we tried to do as a team for five months…"

Senior Vice President

Marketing and Sales, Investment Company

"In the 24 years I've been with the company, it's the best class I've ever taken. It really makes you think about yourself and your team and how collaborating, engaging, and developing your people allow you to successfully manage processes."

Tim Bassett

Manager, Customer Services Group

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Dr. Rob Bogosian | RVB Associates

Rob Bogosian

Mark Soto

Mark Soto

Christine Mockler Casper | RVB Associates

Christine Mockler Casper

Nancy Brodsky | RVB Associates

Nancy Brodsky

Jacqueline Abbott-Deane | Our UK Partner

Jacqueline Abbott-Deane
Our UK Partner Tactix Consultancy London, England

Martyn Deane | Our UK Partner

Martyn Deane
Our UK Partner Tactix Consultancy London, England

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